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2014 Stockholm Statement

2014-09-05 | Usage rights: CC | Credit: SIWI

SIWI believes that a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) on Water is essential for our shared future.

Launched at the closing session of last year’s World Water Week, the 2013 Stockholm Statement made a global call for a dedicated SDG on Water.

Building on this central message, SIWI produced five films accompanied by five thematic papers designed to enhance the understanding of the centrality of water in building resilient societies of the future.

This collection of materials make up the 2014 Stockholm Statement on Water. Watch the five thematic films and download the corresponding papers here to learn more about the centrality of water in building resilient future societies.

The themes are:
1. Health
2. Sustainable Growth
3. Agriculture
4. Energy
5. Climate

See more details of each themes.



Stockholm Statement